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What makes us stand out?

Technical knowledge

We have expertise in technologies used in IT, which ensures effective verification and selection of candidates. That is why candidates recommended by us meet our clients’ expectations.


We have been successfully managing recruitment processes for years. Know-how acquired in the course of our work enables us to work quickly, efficiently and effectively and to save our clients and customers’ time.

Unconventional approach

We never follow the beaten path and we hate routine. Thanks to the ability to use our knowledge of modern technology, IT industry and experience in recruitment creatively, we can reach specialist who do not reply to job offer nor have accounts in popular industry social websites.


We participate in Employer Branding of our customers in a positive manner. By working in the IT industry, considered by many as “the employee’s industry”, we know how opinion on an employer influences candidates’ decisions. We are aware of the responsibility related to representing our clients and that is why we pay strict attention to the quality of our actions.

We're agile!

We are flexible and dynamic in action and, as a result, we can quickly adapt our recruitment strategy to client’s needs. We implement tailor-made solutions, making changes as necessary to achieve the expected outcome.


It is the outcome of our knowledge, experience, ingenuity and reliability and it manifests itself in our clients and customers’ satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the opinion of those who have put their trust in us.

Customer zone

Our experience, original approach and unconventional methods allow us to reach the best specialists and carry out recruitment processes effectively and efficiently.

Success Fee

We charge you only for successful recruitment! If customers decide not to employ any of candidates recommended by us, they do not bear any costs of cooperation with us.

No exclusivity

Customers can carry out own recruitment process in parallel with cooperation with us. If our support is no longer needed, all they have to do is to inform us to stop the recruitment process.


If during guarantee period a customer or a candidate decide to discontinue cooperation, our priority will be finding replacement without charging any additional fees.

Candidate zone

We help our customers to find you!

We will help you to initiate cooperation with best IT companies. We will select the right offers for you free of charge and will walk you through the whole recruitment process. How does it work?


Select job offer and send your CV

After receiving your CV, we will contact you to inform you about recruitment, a customer, projects and to answer all your questions. We will ask you to provide details of your experience, interests and preferences, which will enable us to familiarize you with the recruitment process. On the basis of received CV and information provided by you, we will create your professional profile and present it to the customer selected by you. If your candidacy is accepted, we will contact you to discuss further stages of recruitment. If it is not accepted, we will inform you and discuss other possibilities.


Talk to our customer

If our customer accepts your professional profile, you will participate in further recruitment. We respect your time! Regardless of what the next recruitment stage involves, we will ensure that it is effective and takes place at the date convenient for you. We will keep you informed about all stages of recruitment process and its results. Remember that you can withdraw you candidacy at any stage.


Start new professional adventure!

If you get through the recruitment process and are willing to cooperate with our customer, we will assist you in completing all formalities. All contracts will be concluded between you and our customer – you will be employed directly by them. Our involvement ends at the time of conclusion of job contract with our customer.

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